Monday, May 14, 2007

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Monday May 14, 2007

Keeping track of trekkers
KUALA LUMPUR: Those who want to trek up Gunung Nuang in the Ulu Langat forest reserve are advised to check with the police first so that they can keep track of the trekkers and respond quickly if anyone goes missing. Kajang police chief Asst Comm Rosli Mohd Nizam urged the public to co-operate with the police in future and inform them before going trekking. Before anyone goes up Gunung Nuang or Bukit Cheras located nearby, please come to us first.
  • We need to know how many people are going, for how long and to which spot.
  • There have been numerous occasions when trekkers, mostly students, lost their way as they were not familiar with the area and there were some who were not fit enough
He said that the public could give details of their trip at any police station in the district, but preferably, to the Batu 18 police station as it the nearest station to the trekking area. They can call the Batu 18 station at 03-9021 1557 or the district police headquarters at 03-3187 2222. He added that there must be enough experienced trekkers to lead a group up the hill. On Saturday, 25 people went trekking up Gunung Nuang, the hill in Ulu Langat that is used by many as a training ground before they go up Mount Kinabalu and Gunung Tahan. Families of the missing climbers rushed to the site when they heard from other climbers that some people could not be accounted for.By midnight, 16 of them safely reached the base and the remaining nine were found at 2.15am yesterday. Meanwhile, in Bukit Cheras, two men in their 20s who went up the hill and lost their way were found at 7.30am. The duo, said to be frequent hikers, went up the hill at 2.30am.

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